31 03 2020

Sleep is something we all need, some people can survive on a few hours, while others need more.
Sleep deprivation, disturbed sleep and insomnia can be torturous. Once in the habit of not sleeping, it affects other areas of a person’s life.
Sleep deprivation can lead to lack of concentration; lethargy; irritability and anxiety to name a few.
The long term affects of bad sleeping patterns we know damages our health.
1 in 3 people suffer with insomnia! That’s 33.3% of the population not getting enough sleep.
When we sleep well, our body heals, repairs and recharges. We feel good physically and emotionally and our cognition function is much clearer.

So, what help is there out there?

Medication, possibly, but long term is this a solution?

Practical Tips to improve your sleep:

Going to bed at the same time each night and awakening at the same time each day resets your body clock

A comfortable mattress and pillow to sleep on

Making sure you don’t have caffeine after 4pm

Reducing alcohol intake

Avoid television and mobile phones / technology one hour before bed. Electronic devices stimulate brain wave activity rather than quietening it down

Creating a healthy bedtime routine trains your brain to associate this routine with sleep time

Making sure your room is dark enough for sleep – the pineal gland needs darkness to promote sleep.

Your bedroom and bedding being the right temperature, not too hot or too cold

Having a warm bath before bed.

Drinking cup of warm milk or camomile tea before bed

Reading in bed can help you fall asleep more quickly

Breathing exercises to help relax you

Writing down any ruminative or unwanted thoughts on a note pad next to your bed before you sleep – you can deal with them at the appropriate time

These are all things that can help towards a good night’s sleep and most of my clients have already tried all of the above before they seek professional help.

Hypnosis is effective in helping you to get back on track with your sleep.
Making changes at the unconscious level is how hypnosis helps.

Hypnosis is a natural and safe technique.
By guiding you into a more relaxed state of mind, the body begins to let go of tension, your conscious mind begins to drift off and become less dominant, you lose the chitter-chatter, the “mind clutter” as we call it, giving the opportunity to speak directly to your unconscious mind and give you the appropriate suggestions to help you sleep.

Typically two or three sessions is enough to get you back into a healthy sleep pattern. Sessions are recorded so the client can listen to it before bed, reinforcing the suggestions to the mind and preparing it for sleep.

If you have been suffering with lack of sleep or insomnia, you may like to try hypnotherapy – please call or email me for more information.

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Penny Hawkins
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11 05 2013

The average person has sixty thousand thoughts a day, and 95% of those thoughts are the same as we had yesterday. This can subsequently create the same feelings we have about ourselves or the situation we are in. At times, life seems stuck and going nowhere, then all of a sudden, it’s galloping out of control.

When we are stuck, we long for a change; and when life is out of control we want things to stay the same. We experience change everyday, as the world we live in is constantly changing. We change our hairstyles, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, our job…but how often do we change the way we behave or react? Or the way we feel or think?

Imagine if you could change the pieces of the puzzle to create a different picture; but through force of habit you were stuck with the idea that there was only one way to create the puzzle, the picture? So, you keep putting the same pieces in the same place and get the same picture.

Every interpretation we make every minute has an effect on our mind and body. Here’s the good news! We can change those interpretations because we made them in the first place! We have the power to make choices. Just knowing this maybe enough for you to make changes if you need to.

If you have the desire to make a change, you are capable of making your dreams a reality

EFT with Bruce Lipton phD How our minds can make us healthy or sick

6 02 2011

Click on this link, it is an amazing video! it looks at Newtonian physics and quantum physics and how the mind affects our health.

I have just watched this and it is brilliant.