11 05 2013

The average person has sixty thousand thoughts a day, and 95% of those thoughts are the same as we had yesterday. This can subsequently create the same feelings we have about ourselves or the situation we are in. At times, life seems stuck and going nowhere, then all of a sudden, it’s galloping out of control.

When we are stuck, we long for a change; and when life is out of control we want things to stay the same. We experience change everyday, as the world we live in is constantly changing. We change our hairstyles, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, our job…but how often do we change the way we behave or react? Or the way we feel or think?

Imagine if you could change the pieces of the puzzle to create a different picture; but through force of habit you were stuck with the idea that there was only one way to create the puzzle, the picture? So, you keep putting the same pieces in the same place and get the same picture.

Every interpretation we make every minute has an effect on our mind and body. Here’s the good news! We can change those interpretations because we made them in the first place! We have the power to make choices. Just knowing this maybe enough for you to make changes if you need to.

If you have the desire to make a change, you are capable of making your dreams a reality



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